Delicious food made from Soy beans,「GOCHISOY」is Japanese Special clean food !@Shimabara,Japan

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Is the protein necessary to improve body immune strength?Do you have any recommendation food?
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If you choose vegetable protein, I recommend to have TOFU! You can eat it everyday,I think! Today, let you know about special TOFU food in Japan, it will make you happy!

 Protein is indispensable to improve body immune storength

To keep body immune strength, we should have the protein from food.
Our body made from water and Protein. To make beautiful skin and hair, we should take in nourishment.

Recently, we feel that “we have to keep our body immune strength by our selves” cause corona virus all over the world.
Let’s start eating well, sleeping well, laugh a lot to keep immune strength.

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 Found by accident in Tenjin-Station in Fukuoka, Japan「GOCHISOY」

Recently, I found “GOCHISOY” in Tenjin station in Fukuoka, Japan by accident.The shop of GOCHISOY was the pop-up shop in the station.
I love TOFU, so I am happy to find “GOCHISOY”.

The shop stuff seems happy so much!

They explained to me about their products and brand, they usually selling the special TOFU product by mobile stores in Nagasaki,Japan.
In Fukuoka they will have pop-up stores in the department stores and station.

The shop stuff has very smooth skin like TOFU!
So I thought I want to purchase and eat it!

carefully selected Japanese Soy beans!

 Special TOFU Food “GOCHISOY”!

The brand has many kind of TOFU product, made from Soy Beans.
I was surprised that it has potential !
“Maru de Nama-choko” likes raw chocorate, Soy milk puding, common souce for TOFU, Yuba, Okara-miso (Miso made from tofu refuse).
I really want to eat everything!!
I was interested in “Rich TOFU” bottled tofu (JPY 500)!

 Amazing mild, smooth tofu「Rich-TOFU」

「Rich-TOFU」bottled package is cute, I will have for gift!
The taste of 「Rich-TOFU」is plain and simple,I add the sirup of dates.
It’s very smooth like cream Crème Brulee.
Please check this movie on the Instagram as below.

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・【GOCHI SOY】大豆でつくるごちそう※English below ・ 滑らかな瓶入りのお豆腐、「リッチなおとうふ」。 尾﨑食品さんという長崎県島原市に本社がある大豆製品の会社さんのお豆腐です😋 美味しかったのでシェアしたくなりました💕 @gochisoy さん、ごちそうさまでした! ・ デザートとしてもおすすめの瓶詰めのお豆腐は、黒蜜やきな粉が合うそうで、私は最近はまっているデーツシロップをかけて頂きました☺️ ・ 動画で伝わると良いのですが、滑らかさは…😍😍😍 ギフトや手土産に人気とのことです。 生チョコ風のお豆腐、おから味噌、湯葉も気になる…🤤 ・ 写真2枚目 パッケージかわいい&ガラス容器でプラごみ出ない☺️💕 ・ 写真3枚目 熱意が笑顔から伝わってきてたくさん買いたくなります。私までhappyな気持ちに☺️店員さん幸せなの伝わってくる〜💕 ・ 大豆でつくるごちそう GOCHI SOY 公式HP: 長崎県島原市大手原町甲2141-24 ・ 【GOCHI SOY】Feast made with soybeans ・ "Rich Tofu" bottled, smoosy special Tofu. It produced by Ozaki food Co.,ltd(尾﨑食品さん)in Shimabara,Nagasaki Prefecture,Japan😋 ・ I ate it with date crown syrup,and GOCHI SOY recommend to eat with sweetend soybean powder and brown suger syrup. ・ Very smooth and creamy..😍😍😍 Please check the movie. ・ Highly recommended for gift and souvenir. I want to try "Tofu seems like Ganache(生チョコ風のお豆腐)" "Miso seasoning made from Okara(おから味噌)" "Yuba"🤤 *Okara…Soy pulp *Yuba…Bean-curd skin ・ Photo 2 Cool packages & Glass bottle No plastic garbage☺️💕 ・ Photo 3 The shop stuff makes us happy with smile😆 ・ Feast made with soybeans 大豆でつくるごちそう GOCHI SOY Official HP: 2141-24 Kou,Ohara-cho,Shimabara,Nagasaki,Japan

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The ingredients is only soy beans and Nigari(bittern). Very smooth…
Cute Package!!

 Similar food feeling with deep fried Chicken,「 Hatake-no Karaage」made from Soy beans!

And I purchased 「Hatake no Karaage」 too.
I am looking for Vegan fried chicken and meat but I couldn’t find nice one.

So I was surprised when I eat 「Hatame no Karaage」.

It has similar food feeling with fried chicken.
I thought ”Mmm? Is this plain chicken?” when I eat them.

And I compered it with real fried chicken.
Left: Hatake no Karaage
Right: Real fried chicken by common shop of Fried chicken in Japan

It looks like real fried chicken!
Left: Hatake no Karaage
Right: Real fried chicken by common shop of Fried chicken in Japan

 【Summery】Let’s try 「GOCHISOY」made from Soy beans and Tofu if you are not vegan!

I went the Pop-up store and purchased the products for my friend’s souvenir. 「GOCHISOY(ごちそい)」.

When I worked in Bangkok as Makeup trainer and product specialist, the customer of our company and beauty stuff of Thailand said to me “The secret of beautiful skin of Japanese is Clean food! I am interested in Japanese food too!” I proud Japanese traditional food culture as one of Japanese.
Especially Tofu is famous in the world!

Not only daily food, Tofu is able to change premium products.
Food feeling, smooth,sweet taste, everything is amazing, 「GOCHISOY」!

I really want to share the happiness of GOCHISOY, so I write this article without the work of advertisement.

I am just one of supporter of GOCHISOY!

大豆でつくるごちそう GOCHI SOY
Official website:
2141-24 Kou, Otehara-cho , Shimabara, Nagasaki,Japan

Please check the Official website!

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