Great for gift! “Eco handmade Organic berm”

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It will come holiday season! Mmm…I’m looking for gift my family and friends.
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I recommend to make this handmade organic berm by yourself! It’s so easy!

 Holiday season is coming♪

There are Christmas decorations and music in the town.
Do you enjoy this mood of holiday season?

Today, I will share the recipe of ” Eco Handmade Organic Berm”.
It is high recommended for gift with thanks for your family and friends!

You will be a fun of hand-made cosmetics! Because the recipe is very simple, and it will low cost than ready made cosmetics when you purchase in the department stores.

 The attraction of Handmade cosmetics

Do you like Cooking?
You will have fun with handmade cosmetics same as cooking.
If you spend a lot of times for making cosmetics, you will feel fun and comfortable.

Ingredients, Smells, an idea how to make the freshness longer, feeling…
And you can save your money than usual.

★ Simple recipe!
★ You can choose gentle ingredients for body. Highly recommended for kids and Males too.
★ You can make Eco Handmade cosmetics with your kids, family.
★ You can save your money than ready made cosmetics!

The time required for making them, about 1 hour including the time of boiling bottles.
You will need more times for wrapping.

 Simple recipe! Eco Handmade Organic berm

Then, I will let you know about how to Eco Handmade Organic Berm.
This Berm is recommended for couples ( for kiss!) because it doesn’t includes petroleum component.

You can use this berm for
Lip care, Hand care, Massage for body!

【Ingredients】 makes 1 (=approx.25g)
・Beeswax(Recommend:refined white beeswax) 8g
・Shea butter 2g
・Jojoba oil 15g
・Orange flavor oil (No photo toxicity) or Edible flavor 1-2 drops
・Shading Bottle made from Glass(Pot type)

 ① Disinfecting bottle in boiled water

The expiration date of Handmade cosmetics are short then readymade cosmetics in the department stores.
My recipe of kiss Organic lip berm is not include antiseptic, please use it up to prevent propagation of various bacteria, I recommend to Disinfect bottle in boiled water.

★The way of sterilization by boiled water★
You can sterilize the bottle made from Glass by boiled water.
Please put the bottle in the boiled water for about 2-3 minutes.
Sometimes, please change the direction of the bottle to soak in boiled water.

Please take out the bottle from boiled water, lined up them on the kitchen paper to put off water drops.
After put off water drops, please change its direction to dry.

Please put the bottle of Glass into the boiled water for 2-3 minutes.
(picked the picture from my previous account)
After put in the boiled water, please place it upside down.

 ② To measure the ingredients

Please measure the ingredients of Eco Organic Berms.
I recommend to you use scale able to measure from 1/10 gram.

 ③ Dissolve the ingredients in a hot water bath

The main ingredients of this Organic berm is Bee wax.
The berm is oily base (Bee wax, Shea butter etc…) added essential oil and beauty ingredients.
In this recipe, I add shea butter to making smooth texture.

Please prepare for small beaker and glass rod.
After dissolve the Bee wax and shea butter in the hot water bath, please add jojoba oil and Orange flavor oil.

 ④ Pour them into the Glass bottle and cool down

Please pour the berm ingredients into Glass bottle prepared.

The Berm will congeal so please pour quickly to keep smooth surface.
Especially surface of touching with Glass bottle.
It’s all right if you make mistakes. You can dissolve again with boiled water bass.

※ Some recipe of Berm recommend to make in the bottle from first.

 Let’s enjoy gift decoration!

There are 2 kinds of container of lip berm pot type and lipstick type.
Both are so cute!!
Please try both containers!

For gift decoration,I prepared for dried sliced orange for our workshop of handmade cosmetics. After slice the oranges, dried low temperature in the oven.
I recommend you to have the oven able to dry low temperature for making dried herb.

【For Gift decoration】
・Dried, sliced orange
・Transparent firm for wrappingラッピング用透明フィルム袋
・The ribbon made from papers
・The stapler
・The sticker for appeal production date and expiration date(I set on the glass bottle)

Also you can add message cards for present.^^

 Please contact me directly for Purchase the kits of Handmade organic berm

If you want to purchase the kits of this Eco Organic Berm, I will send you over the world (It will time-consuming) !
Please contact us via this mail Form!

If you want to purchase by yourself, I am sharing the Amazon link as below.

Making Hand made cosmetics is Fun! and it will save cost of your beauty life!

★Glass Bottle light screening for 10g (Amazon)

[ウレギッシュ] 遮光瓶 クリーム容器 ガラス製 ボトル クリームジャー ハンドクリーム アロマクリーム 保存 詰替え 容器 ブラウン 6個 セット (10g)

(2019/11/22 14:42時点)

★ Bee Wax :Recommend to use refined bee wax for making handmade cosmetics

生活の木 ビーズワックス(精製) 50g

(2019/11/22 14:45時点)

★ Shea butter:Good for making smooth texture.

生活の木 HG シアバター 30g 精製

(2019/11/22 14:47時点)

★ jojoba Oil:Please add after dissolved the Bee wax and Shea butter.

生活の木 ホホバオイル・クリア(精製) 25ml

(2019/11/22 15:21時点)

★ Orange flavor oil : Caution! don’t use standard citrus fruits essential oil for making handmade cosmetics cause phototoxicity.
When you use orange essential oil, please choose the special essential oil or flavor oil without phototoxicity.

★ Scale : To measure from 0.1g.

タニタ はかり スケール 料理 3kg 0.1g デジタル ホワイト KD-320 WH

(2019/11/22 15:04時点)

★ The beakers for water bath. I recommend to you have different size of beakers for water bath.

生活の木 ガラスビーカー 100ml

(2019/11/22 15:05時点)

生活の木 ガラスビーカー 50ml

(2019/11/22 15:06時点)

★ Grass rod

生活の木 ガラスかくはん棒 M

(2019/11/22 15:06時点)

★ Rubber spatula (thin) To pour into containers

SALUS シリコンゴムヘラ Sサイズ 黄

(2019/11/22 15:09時点)

★ The oven easy to make dried orange and dried herb etc…

シャープ ヘルシオ 「COCORO KITCHEN」搭載 30L 2段調理タイプ レッド AX-XW600-R

(2019/11/22 15:11時点)

★ Enjoy wrapping! You can find many kinds of wrapping papers and ribbon from this website “Simojima-san”.

Thank you very much for reading our Eco beauty blog.

We Love Eco Cosmetics / Ai

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